Lettie Lutz is one of the main characters in the movie The Greatest Showman.


P.T. Barnum goes to find Lettie and thinks that her singing is amazing in Come Alive. Phillip Carlyle becomes Barnum's partner and invites everyone to see Queen Victoria. While visiting the queen they also meet a Swedish singer Jenny Lind who Barnum asks to be part of his act. Everyone goes to watch her sing and after her performance Lettie and the others wishes to go in and have some drinks. Barnum doesn't want them in and closes the door. They soon start singing This Is Me. The gang goes on another tour and get into the fight between the protesters and the troupe. This causes the building to catch on fire. When people are noticing that Anne Wheeleri is missing Carlyle runs in to look for her. Turns out she's out of the building and Barnum goes in to get Carlyle. Lettie comforts Barnum's daughters as they scared of their father. Carlyle is fine and is send to the hospital. The next day Barnum realizes that family is more important than money. They all sing From Now On . Barnum decides to get a tent and everyone performs "This is the Greatest Show."



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